About Autumn Pinecones

Being in the “Autumn” of your life can be the new summer. My goal in life is to work from anywhere. On the back porch of a little cabana by the shore, listening to the gulls and water lapping the beach, next to a cozy fire looking out the window at new-fallen snow, I just want to be my own boss. How about you?

Finding a New Perfect Job

In many job interviews, the interviewer always seems to ask, “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” I always thought that was a stupid question and answered it with, “Working at my last job” Well now I would like to believe that I am currently working at my last job and plan to stay working at it for quite some time because I enjoy it that much.

Wanting to Help Others

I decided towards the end of 2019 that what I wanted to do was to help others figure out what they wanted to do with the second half of their lives. Going to work day in and day out isn’t what I call living. It’s existing.  And I would like to teach others how to live.

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